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Turkey's First Monolithic Refractories Company
45 Years Experience
Brief Remsan

Brief Remsan

After joining in the Özköseo¤lu Group of Companies in 1976, Remsan started production of first monolithic refractories in Turkey in 1978. For this incidence, a considerable contribution was supplied through means of Entes, a company among the Group and Özköseo¤lu itself, had an immense need for refractories, which were deeply involved in realization of industrial facilities and turnkey based projects at times. ›n those years, all products manufastured in accordance with technology employed by American CE. Refratories were primarily introduced and utilized in gigantic iron and steel plants of the nation. The same had further supplied fresh blood to Turkish Economy by means of supplying foreign currency, as understandably however, at those years, constituent parts for almost anything needed construction was beign imported.

Mission comprising presentation of the material to nearly all sectors nationwide had been successfully done by Remsan until 1983, mearly causing item monolithic refractory nicknamed “Remsan.” Since that time, other companies realized essence of such commodity and have begun participation to take their present standpoints and market share.

Through all its experience and knowledge, skillfilly combined with its facilities of 10.000 sqm outdoor and 2.500 sqm indoor manufacturing facilities, Remsan had begun service to its customers, by manufacture of its own products, not only with adapted American ways and techniques. Functional features of Remsan products may be classified in 7 groups.

1. CONCRETE REFRACTORIES : Applied through imilar means to mixing with water just like construction concrete and casting into mould.
2. GUNNING AND PLASTERING REFRACTORIES : Applied by means of mixing with water then gunning or plastering on surfaces.
3. INJECTION REFRACTORIES : Utilized through injection by means of machine application.
4. PLASTIC REFRACTORIES : Contain water among ingredients and applied through means of compression by hand or ramming gun.
5. VIBRATING REFRATCTORIES : Applied on surface only by vibration with or without mixing by water. 6. COVERING REFRACTORIES : Application on surfaces is made by mixing with water and plastered on surface at a very thin layer by hand or spraying method.
7. REFRACTORY MORTARS : Mixed by water and utilized for brick bonding.

Participating in new enterprises in its own field, Remsan has started production of new items by modernization of plant at Ayaza¤a and making new investments. Now, instead of only refractors, company plant is made capable to produce any and all sorts of construction material of new shapes and design. The Company, which has always made a principle out of implementing its priorities in respective order, has added a new item to its production line, i.e., natural gas chimneys made from the first refractors in Turkey. Marketing and sales activities pertaining these new products are being made by means of Özköseo¤lu, which is involved in production of natural gas boilers and heating chambers. From the clothing we wear, cars we ride in, to electrical power plants, cement with which houses we live in are made of, iron and steel products consisting framework of industry are being made through employment of refractory materials.

Refractory materials consisting of only one of the components in these industrial fields, however constitute a vital ingredient as auxiliary nature. As known to all, refractive material consisting the most heat resistant substances at industry, are being utilized within heat production plants of the above mentioned industrial sectors, together with protection purposes at ovens employing excessive heat rating. Actually, without refractors, many of the everyday utilities shall not able produced nor consumed by human beings.

After making a clarification of the importance of refractive materials, we further would like to emphasize contribution made to national economy by Remsan through its services provided to various business sectors on a nationwide basis :

1. Iron and steel products,
2. Casting plants,
3. Aluminum products,
4. Raw material,
5. Refineries,
6. Petrochemical facilities,
7. Chemicals, 8. Cement production,
9. Lime production,
10. Power plant facilities,
11. Ceramics,
12. Facilities involved in production of all sorts of boilers and ovens,
13. Glass industries. As you can see, with all its fields of activities pertaining al major industrial sectors nationwide, Remsan shall indeed continue on its way with all the care input made fort its products, customer stisfaction and marketing, in a manner more efficient than ever.
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